George Sandhu was born and raised in Hong Kong. During his high school years, he and his family relocated to Winnipeg, MB. Upon graduation, he moved to California to pursue his education at the very prestigious Life Chiropractic West in California, where he obtained a doctorate in Chiropractic.

George Sandhu has received an Osteopathic Diploma from National Academy Of Osteopathy in Toronto.

Upon graduation, George Sandhu moved to British Columbia, where he met his wife. George Sandhu is a Faculty Member of National Academy of Osteopathy and National University of Medical Sciences (Spain,USA). He is also the first and current President of the Canadian Manual Osteopathic Association (CMOA). George Sandhu has been using his knowledge and skills to help provide natural pain relief from aches and pains of everyday life for many satisfied patients. By adopting a structural approach, George uses a range of techniques tailored to the needs of the individual to resolve problems. Today, Professor Sandhu resides in Winnipeg, MB with is wife and 3 children.

Professional Achievements
Through his knowledge and expertise, he created and lectures the courses: Chronic Pain Management and Postural Analysis, and Assessment. Through continually furthering his education and skills, Professor Sandhu is committed to maintaining the highest standards of Osteopathic Practice and Patient Care.

Therapist Qualifications

 Graduated from the University of Toronto with an Osteopathic Diploma from National Academy Of Osteopathy

George Sandhu

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