Osteopathy is a safe natural form of skilled manual therapy. It uses a system of examination, diagnosis and treatment of the bodies musculoskeletal system.

The body functions as a complete working system. Any problems that affect the body's structure will upset the balance of our general health. Therefore, treatment concentrates on the relationship between the structure of the body such as the skeleton, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue and the way in which the body moves and functions.

By restoring the body's balance, Osteopaths are able to provide immediate and long term relief from pain. Osteopaths use a range of hands-on techniques such as pressure, massage, stretching, and manipulation to correct imbalances in the body's musculoskeletal structure. This helps the body return to normal function.

What can I expect when I visit an Manual Osteopath?

When you visit a Manual Osteopath for the first time a full case history will be taken and you will be given an examination which will assess your posture, spine and balance.

  • Your back, limbs, joints and muscles will then be palpated to detect changes that may signal injury or impairment. This information will be integrated with your medical history to establish a treatment plan.
  • Each person has his or her unique combination of body shape, lifestyle, occupation and personal history. Osteopathy's main strength lies in its unique way of assessing patients not only from a mechanical, functional and postural standpoint but also by taking these other factors into account

Manual Osteopaths aim to identify the initial cause of your pain, the cause of your current symptoms and anything that may prevent your condition from resolving naturally. In addition to the treatment of joint or tissue abnormalities, osteopathic treatment may include advice about posture, work positions, nutrition and exercise.

What do Manual Osteopaths Treat?

      • Scoliosis
      • Lower back pain
      • Sports Injuries
      • Arthritic pain and stiffness
      • Calf, Shin, Ankle, Foot pain
      • Hip, thigh, knee problems
      • Sciatica
      • Coccydynia
      • Slipped Disc
      • Back pain during pregnancy
      • Work Strain
      • Postural Problems
      • Repetitive Strain Injury
      • Tennis/ Golfer's elbow
      • Jaw pain/clicking
      • Trapped Nerves
      • Frozen or stiff shoulders
      • Whiplash injuries
      • Stiff neck
      • Headaches and Migraines


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