Tina is certified in acupuncture, myofascial cupping and blading as well as neuroproprioceptive taping (K-Tape) which all can be added to a treatment.

Tina graduated from the University of Manitoba with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology specializing in athletic therapy in June of 2018. Later that month, she wrote the Canadian Athletic Therapy national exam where she passed to obtain her credentials as a Certified Athletic Therapist. During her studies, she completed over 1200 hands on practical hours split between clinical placements and field placements. She was fortunate enough to work with the University of Manitoba’s track and field team as their co head therapist while managing a full course load. During this placement, she was able to learn a lot about high impact and running injuries including feet pain, knee pain, and shin splints. Throughout her education, she has been able to improve her skills such as hands on techniques, being able to address and diagnosis musculoskeletal injuries, being able to create and adapt rehabilitation programs specific to the needs and demands of the patient, as well as her most valuable tool- which is being able to educate her patients.

Therapist Qualifications

 Graduated from the University of Manitoba
 Degree in Kinesiology
Certified Athletic Therapist

Tina Goutsos

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