Kim Szajkowski was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Kim has been active in a variety of sports and activities her entire life, and has experienced her fair share of injuries! Her love for sports and admiration for physiotherapists, combined with a love of helping other people, led her to pursue physiotherapy as a career. With a long sporting history, combined with 20 years of clinical experience, Kim has realized there is no "one magical technique or exercise approach" to help overcome injuries. For that reason she has taken many different courses so she can draw on many tools and techniques to help her clients. She is excited to collaborate with the talented group of practitioners at Fort Whyte Physiotherapy to give the best treatment possible to her clients.

Kim Graduated in 2002 from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation in Physiotherapy. Since Kim graduated she has continued her education and has taken post-graduate training. This includes a variety of soft tissue and joint mobilization courses, including Myofascial Release, VM 1 Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen 1 from the Barral Institute, and Mulligan concept courses.  She has taken a variety of exercise courses including Pilates and Therapeutic Yoga and Meditation, specifically for chronic back pain. In 2016 she completed one level of pelvic floor training to help women with pelvic floor dysfunction. She has worked with pre- and post-natal women, as well as women suffering from chronic back/pelvic pain. She is certified in acupuncture and has taken advanced acupuncture training. Her most recent course taken in 2020 called Unwinding The Acupuncture Meridians has further aided in helping many of her client's bodies return to balance.

Kim Szajkowski

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