Ashley is a former Tae Kwon Do competitor whose love for living a healthy and active lifestyle only grew after a personal injury, and led her to pursue a career in Physiotherapy. Ashley also has a great love of animals, having owned German Shepherds all her life, even taking it upon herself to successfully rehab one of them after a surgical knee repair. Creating a return to sport and return to work specific exercises is an important component of Ashley's practice and a challenge she greatly enjoys. In her free time, Ashley enjoys weight lifting, hiking, rollerblading, and anything that she can include her dog in, making sure that he stays fit and healthy as well.

Ashley will officially graduate from the University of Manitoba with a Masters degree in Physiotherapy in the fall of 2022. Prior to her Physiotherapy education, Ashley completed a Bachelors degree in Science at the University of Manitoba, and plans to take other courses to continue to build her Physiotherapy education. Currently, Ashley is working on creating a program at the clinic to offer to those who have experienced challenges returning to activity post-COVID-19 infection.

Ashley Merta

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